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Recruiting the Highest Caliber of Private Security Professionals
Excellence Guaranteed

Our Protective Service Officers ascertain that the customers and their assets are safe and secure

by providing security services that are customized to fit the needs of each customer including but

not limited to a range of perpetual security activities to include but not limited to the following:

• Provide Routine & Emergency Services by Radio or Via Mobile Patrol


• Entrance Control & Prevention of Unauthorized Personnel

• Ground Patrol and Canvass in a Clearly Marked Security Vehicle

• Inspect the Exterior of Equipment and Buildings

• Report a Daily Log Report of Security Observations & Unordinary Safety Concerns

• Monitor & Safeguard Against Trespassers and Loitering

• Guard Against Forced Entry & Vandalism

• Ascertain That All Windows & Doors Are Locked

• Equipment & Buildings Are Free From Any Fire Hazards or Other Obstruction

• Check for Misconduct or Indecent Behavior

Retail Shopping Centers & Restaurants


Residential Communities


Churches & Hospitals


Construction Sites


Dignitary Protection


Car Dealerships

Warehouse & Distribution Centers


Armed & Unarmed Patrol


Commercial Offices & Real Estate




Security Consulting


Funeral Escorts

Bank & Financial Institution Security


Colleges & Universities


Security Escorts


Government Services


Estate & Celebrity VIP


Homes, Apartments & Condos





Industries Served
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