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Private Security

In today’s business environment our surroundings are becoming progressively more volatile and competitive each day. Therefore, United Protective Security Services expertise extends to numerous of protective  areas that are vital to the  well being of individuals and the protection of your company’s assets to include customized services such as physical security and patrol, dignitary & exectutive protection, background screening, emergency operations and consulting. During these critical times contracted private security services can effectively provide the peace of mind and the protection you need to ascertain that you and your assets are secure.

Patrol Services

Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. By their presence alone, United Protective Security’s uniformed patrol officers can enhance your employees’ safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property. Our patrol officers, an exceptional team of subject matter experts, are trained to notice anything out of the ordinary.

United Protective Security Florida
Transportation Security

United Protective Security Services understands the time, safety and security as it relates to the movement of products and people. It is not only critical for this ever-changing economy, but the pressure to deliver faster, further and for less is always a present challenge for companies. Therefore, we secure all aspects of the supply chain to protect and account for our clients’ assets at all times.


Our customized security enhances our clients ability to focus on reduced costs, increase revenue-generating opportunities and improved performance while recognizing that we have in tandem removed the threat and  challenge of risk assets protection and provided beneficial security solutions.


Our Approach

A security partnership needs to be more than personnel resources. At United Protective Security, we partner with our clients to deliver value every day, all day. Our clients tell us that our quality-based, results-oriented approach sets us apart from the competition. What's at the core of our success? It's a blend of quality employee engagement programs, an industry-leading learning and development philosophy, and a dedication to understanding our clients and their business and customizing a security solution that will help them achieve their goals. All of this is supported and facilitated by state-of-the-art technology, as well as a national and local management presence. Sound like the kind of approach you're looking for? If you like our philosophy, read more!

65 3rd Street Suite 200B, Winter Haven, FL 33880 | Tel: 863-968-3493

United Protective Security Florida

We are centrally located in Winter Haven, FL.

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